SpectralWorks is the UK and Ireland Ditributor for IonSense DART Technology

New channel for IonSense DART and ASAP Products

SpectralWorks Releases AnalyzerPro XD

SpectralWorks Releases AnalyzerPro XD

SpectralWorks and JEOL Establish OEM Agreement

SpectralWorks and JEOL Establish OEM Agreement

SpectralWorks Releases AnalyzerPro version 5.5

Version 5.5 features improved user interface for ease of use.

SpectralWorks and Mestrelab Research SL announce mutual reseller agreement

New channels for SpectralWorks and MestreLab products.

SpectralWorks uses Zendesk for Support Management and Tracking

New support options for all the SpectralWorks products allows you to submit and track tickets.

SpectralWorks Releases AnalyzerPro version 5.4

Version 5.4 features additional functionality for sample comparisons and matching using ProfileAnalyzer.

SpectralWorks’ AnalyzerPro workshop in the Systems Biology unit at Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia

Metabolomics is a complex area of study and the right tools are needed to deliver the content accurately to students who are learning about metabolomics for the first time

SpectralWorks releases AnalyzerPro version 5.3

Version 5.3 features the fastest processing speeds yet and has an updated user interface to allow quick and easy navigation to results.

A New Website!

Bringing more useful content and resources to all.

Mass Spectrometry: Processing Power

Rapid advancements are pushing the technology towards higher productivity and greater precision.

AnalyzerPro® as MSc Teaching Tool at University of Melbourne

AnalyzerPro has been adopted as a teaching tool for Masters students studying metabolomics and proteomics at the University of Melbourne.

RemoteAnalyzer at Syngenta, UK

Bringing the prospect of huge sample throughput in MS and NMR.

RemoteAnalyzer Users Meeting in Durham

A users meeting for RemoteAnalyzer has been arrange to take place at the University of Durham in September 2014.

SpectralWorks now a NIST Distributor

The NIST MS database is now available from Spectralworks.

RemoteAnalyzer Open Access MS software at AstraZeneca, Macclesfield, UK

SpectralWorks are pleased to announce the implementation of RemoteAnalyzer as the open access mass spectrometry solution for the chemists at AstraZeneca, Macclesfield.

RemoteAnalyzer Users Meeting in Denver

A users meeting for RemoteAnalyzer has been scheduled to coincide with the 59th ASMS Conference in Denver, Colorado in June 2011.

Open Access MS software at Southampton University, UK

SpectralWorks are pleased to announce the implementation of RemoteAnalyzer as the open access mass spectrometry solution in the School of Chemistry at the University of Southampton…

Our Software



AnalyzerPro® is a productivity software application for LC-MS and GC-MS data with support for multiple vendors’ data. This comprehensive post-processing utility provides optimized workflows for sample-to-sample comparison, target component analysis, quantitation and library searching for data generated from any LC-MS and GC-MS platform. Using its proprietary algorithms to detect obscured components that existing software packages are unable to find without .....

AnalyzerPro XD

AnalyzerPro XD

AnalyzerPro® XD is the latest version of our productivity software application now available with support for two dimensional chromatography. Two-dimensional chromatography is a powerful analy­tical tool that has evolved from technology used mainly in the R&D laboratory to a robust commercially available soluti­on from several manufacturers. The technology continues to evolve to address challenges in the analysis of complex samples...



RemoteAnalyzer is the only open access software solution for today’s fast-paced laboratory. It is designed to operate and optimize the management of multiple locations, multiple types of analyses, multiple scientists of the entire skill set range as well as multiple instrument types from a variety of different vendors. See a case study from the University of Durham regarding their implementation. The walk-up ......

NIST 20 MS and MS/MS Libraries

NIST 20 MS and MS/MS Libraries

The NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library with Search Program is the standard MS spectra reference database. This library is available with version 2.4 of the full-featured NIST MS Search Program for Windows and includes ....