RemoteAnalyzer is used by many talented and highly motivated scientists and it is always good to hear how they are using our product. We are grateful to those who have already shared their work with us and look forward to sharing more with you.

Maximizing Flexibility on a High Resolution Open Access LC/MS System

Traditionally, mass spectrometers commonly available to open access core facility users are low resolution GC-EIMS or LC-ESIMS with single quadrupole mass filters. These instruments are robust and very useful for small molecule synthetic chemists. However,

RemoteAnalyzer: The complete Walk-up Software solution

Mass spectrometry is a powerful analycal tool used in many laboratories from undergraduate teaching to commercial screening. The need to reach the correct result...

A GC-MS and LC-MS Open Access Software Solution - User experiences

Hear from a number of users of Open Access MS and NMR.

Open Access UHPSFC/MS – an additional analytical resource for an academic mass spectrometry facility

Learn how RemoteAnalyzer is being used for Open Access UHPSFC/MS at the University of Southampton to provide an additional analytical resource for an academic mass spectrometry facility.

A Zero Footprint Open Access System - A Case Study from the University of Southampton

See how the University of Southampton is using RemoteAnalyzer to allow mass spectrometry to be fully utilised as a research tool in wider application fields that have their own specialists.

Mass Spectrometry and Undergraduate Chemistry: Development, Simple Access, Time Efficient and Subliminal Training

Learn how RemoteAnalyzer has been implemented into the undergraduate practical programme in the School of Chemistry as a means of immediate access to both ESI-MS and GC-MS.

RemoteAnalyzer - A Generic Open Access Solution for MS

Making Mass Spectrometry accessible as a service by using RemotAnalyzer.

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AnalyzerPro® is a productivity software application for LC-MS and GC-MS data with support for multiple vendors’ data. This comprehensive post-processing utility provides optimized workflows for sample-to-sample comparison, target component analysis, quantitation and library searching for data generated from any LC-MS and GC-MS platform. Using its proprietary algorithms to detect obscured components that existing software packages are unable to find without .....

AnalyzerPro XD

AnalyzerPro XD

AnalyzerPro® XD is the latest version of our productivity software application now available with support for two dimensional chromatography. Two-dimensional chromatography is a powerful analy­tical tool that has evolved from technology used mainly in the R&D laboratory to a robust commercially available soluti­on from several manufacturers. The technology continues to evolve to address challenges in the analysis of complex samples...



RemoteAnalyzer is the only open access software solution for today’s fast-paced laboratory. It is designed to operate and optimize the management of multiple locations, multiple types of analyses, multiple scientists of the entire skill set range as well as multiple instrument types from a variety of different vendors. See a case study from the University of Durham regarding their implementation. The walk-up ......

NIST 20 MS and MS/MS Libraries

NIST 20 MS and MS/MS Libraries

The NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library with Search Program is the standard MS spectra reference database. This library is available with version 2.4 of the full-featured NIST MS Search Program for Windows and includes ....