From running an individual sample to managing a complete network of instruments and users, RemoteAnalyzerTM has the power to simplify every aspect of your laboratory operation. A robust yet intuitive open access software, RemoteAnalyzer works with all the major mass spectrometry instruments and NMR instruments to deliver reliable, high quality results no matter how complex your samples or workflows.

With real-time, web-based access and live updates, RemoteAnalyzer allows lab managers to control every aspect of their operation, from sample submission to final results with more efficiency than ever. Sample submission and final reports can be customized and tailored to suit a particular application or user group. The software also simplifies the lives of scientists, making it easy to log in samples and receive results anywhere, anytime.

Advances in high throughput techniques, chemistries and analyses, have revolutionized the research landscape. The use of automated systems underpins the majority of mass spectrometry approaches. This has been adopted in the Pharmaceutical industry, through all the ‘Omics’ but it has yet to be fully accepted within some of the chemistry communities. In many cases the high throughput approach means that the vast majority of users are not specifically trained mass spectrometrists. They don’t need to be, so the sample submission, data acquisition and data presentation now demands a user friendly, robust client interface – the so called open access software. This allows mass spectrometry to be fully utilized as a research tool in wider application fields that have their own specialists. They still require a thorough understanding of mass spectrometry but they no longer need to have the day to day hands on capabilities. Much of the sample analysis required by, for example, medicinal chemists in drug discovery, is routine for instrument users but not necessarily for the chemist. They simply want to be able to submit their samples and get their results. RemoteAnalyzer allows them to do this with a variety of instruments such as GC-MS, LC-MS and NMR from multiple vendors through a consistent user interface and workflow.

RemoteAnalyzer offers a one-stop-shop option for sample submission across multiple platforms, provides uniform e-data output and enhances data security by immediately archiving a clone of the raw data files on a remote server. The only requirement for the user is access to a web-browser enabled computer, e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc. There is no additional software licence cost to the user. The data processing, file storage and web server can be configured to run on a single server or a number of servers depending on specific requirements and level of throughput.

For more information please download the RemoteAnalyzer brochure. There is also a case study from the University of Durham UK, with insights from students and staff members, available here.

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RemoteAnalyzer at a Glance

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The Universal Zero Footprint Sample Submission and Data Processing Solution for MS and NMR.

RemoteAnalyzer is the open access software solution for today’s fast-paced laboratory, learn more about using it as your MS and NMR solution. Read more

Usability of RemoteAnalyzer

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Efficiency Delivered in Three Simple Steps

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RemoteAnalyzer is the answer we were looking for when we first moved to an Open Access setup.

School of Chemistry, University of Southampton, UK

SpectralWorks provide a professional service that allows us to focus on our hardware knowing that our software is always being skillfully looked after by leading developers within the mass spectrometry field.


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