Register your copy of AnalyzerPro 'Offline'

If the PC that AnalyzerPro is installed on does not have internet access, it is necessary to use our registration server with details of the installation PC from another PC which does have internet access and then copy the licence file (ap.lic) back to the target PC. Install AnalyzerPro on the required PC and start the program. Fill in the registration details. If you requested a download via the website you must use the same details that you used previously. Click 'Register'.

Registering AnalyzerPro

If the PC is unable to reach our registration server you will see the following dialog box:

Offline registration of AnalyzerPro
Either take a note of the information provided or select 'yes' to copy the information to the clipboard and then paste it into a text editor such as Notepad.

Registration details

Save this document and transfer it to a PC which has internet access. Copy the web site address in to the navigation bar of an internet browser and fill in the details including the original serial number and the unique token that was generated on the offline PC and click 'Register'.

Register online

You will be presented with the software licence agreement. You must accept this agreement by scrolling to the end and clicking 'I accept'.

Accept license agreement and download license file.

Once accepted the licence file (ap.lic) will be downloaded. You then need to transfer this file to the offline PC, start AnalyzerPro and the click on the "Install License" button


Select AnalyzerPro license file

Browse to the ap.lic file and click Open.The following dialog should be displayed.

Successfully registrated AnalyzerPro


If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact support.

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AnalyzerPro XD

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